Music Lessons at Musicality

Are you looking for a music teacher? Musicality is offering lessons for piano, guitar and bass to students at all levels. We're currently looking for teachers for voice, woodwind, brass, percussion and ukulele. Please contact us at 505-889-9777 for information.

Musicality offers lessons in our studios. Our teacher roster includes:

  • Ivy Wong, piano (all ages)
  • Oscar Ellis, piano (all ages)
  • Barbara Riordan, piano (adults)
  • Leila Fitzsimons, piano (all ages),
  • Blake Harper, electric guitar acoustic and classical guitar; all styles and Ukulele all styles (all ages)
  • John Sandlin for acoustic, classical, jazz and electric guitar (all ages)
  • Donny Tesso for electric bass and string bass (adults)
  • Chanel Gilbert for Fiddle, violin, viola, cello and bass (all ages).
  • Lydia Raymond for vocal lessons (all ages)

Please call us at 505-889-9777 for more details or contact information for a teacher above, or contact us through the form below to reach any of the teachers above


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