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Sound Innovations for Concert Band Book 1

Sound Innovations for Concert Band Book 1

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(A Revolutionary Method for Beginning Musicians)
Robert Sheldon, Peter Boonshaft, Dave Black & Bob Phillips - Alfred Music Publishing 

Now with online media! A revolutionary method with a unique blend of time-tested attributes, advances in modern technology, and insights on how students learn and how teachers want to teach. Available in in two formats: the Standard edition, and the Director's Choice edition which allows teachers to customize the method's pedagogy, music, and enrichment materials. Sound Innovations provides fundamental teaching tools in a clear and organized format that allows directors to incorporate their own style of teaching, and the Director's Choice edition is the first method that allows a director to easily customize the method to fit their unique teaching styles and classroom situations. The method is also available on the popular Smartmusic program and provides free access to the first 100 lines of music for students.

Exclusive content is now available with SI Online. Adjust the pacing and focus of your teaching throughout the semester with the new resources at SI Online. New enrichment and supplemental content provide differentiated instruction and assessment to meet the unique needs within your classroom. Now access content for Concert Band Book 1, Book 2 and other additional content will be available soon at

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