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AirTurn goSTAND Portable Mic and Tablet Stand

AirTurn goSTAND Portable Mic and Tablet Stand

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Portable Mic and Tablet Stand for Mobile Musicians

Get portable and save space with the AirTurn goSTAND! Mount your mic, tablet, or phone without lugging around a bulky stand. Great for everything from the local gig to an international flight. Keep your accessories conveniently within reach and enhance your performance without clutter.

Tablet Stand for Presentation and Filming

Combined with our MANOS Universal Tablet Holder, the goSTAND is the perfect solution for presentation and filming. Mount your tablet for a simple teleprompter or as a camera for filming or vlogging.

Gear Mount for Vlogging, YouTube Setup, and Video Capture

Vlogging equipment and YouTube setup tools from AirTurn are ultra-portable, durable, and easy to use! Use the AirTurn goSTAND to mount your tablet or phone and microphone accessories. Use with our MANOSMANOS Universal Tablet Holder, and mount your tablet for an easy podcast station or create your own grip rig.

Great for sports analysis apps to improve your swing. Use with a Bluetooth Pedal for a hands-free experience. Start and stop recording and playback, with the press of a foot switch, to keep your head in the game!

The goSTAND is ultra-portable and fits in a backpack!

Tablet POS Stand and Kiosk Display

Running your POS or kiosk from a tablet? For a walk-up standing solution, combine with the AirTurn MANOS Universal Tablet Holder. This entire setup fits in a backpack, and would be perfect for quick setup events or trade shows. Check out the AirTurn TechAssist to save on a bundle!


STAND EXTENSION: The AirTurn MANOS Universal Tablet Holder is the perfect way to display your tablet. The AirTurn BOOM offers greater accessibility when reading or watching at a distance or from a bed or recliner.

MIC MOUNTING: The classic AirTurn Side Mount Clamp allows the display of lyrics/slides conveniently in view without compromising the traditional placement of a microphone.

ACCESSORIES: The AirTurn SMC, SMC-EX, and SMC-EX2 offer endless expansion possibilities. The AirTurn goSTAND also accommodates tray tables and drink holders. Mount all your gear and essential performance accessories right where you need them!

*NOTE: Tablet holder, boom extension, and accessory clamps sold separately.

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