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Presonus Revelator IO24 Bus-powered USB-C audio interface with on-board DSP

Presonus Revelator IO24 Bus-powered USB-C audio interface with on-board DSP

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Audio Interface

  • Two stereo loopback streams allow you to mix audio from multiple applications to perform with backing tracks, record Skype calls, and more
  • Two XMAX-L high-headroom mic preamps deliver crystal-clear sound for professional XLR microphones
  • onboard signal processing brings studio-grade polish to your voice-or wild, otherworldly vocal effects
  • control Revelator io24’s settings with wireless touch control from your tablet
  • over $1000 worth of software including Studio One Artist, Ableton Live Lite, and Studio Magic Suite

Flexible and versatile, Revelator io24 is the only audio interface designed for both recording and streaming. Get polished, professional results thanks to PreSonus XMAX-L microphone preamps and onboard processing that will make your stream, podcast, or recording stand out. Revelator io24's intuitive loopback mixer makes adding backing tracks, sound effects, or Skype interviews quick and easy. Quickly record Zoom calls for your podcast, add backing tracks to your live stream performance, and more.

Produce a great mix for your stream fast by engaging Stream Mix mode and with the click of a button, your complete DSP mix-analog inputs, loopback channels, reverb, and effects-are patched to the USB stream, where you can easily send it to your streaming software. No complex routing or extra hardware required.

You'll also get over $1000 USD of software to record, produce, and polish your podcasts and music, including: Studio One Artist, Ableton Live Lite, and the Studio Magic Suite. Whether you're producing your latest YouTube video or streaming your music live on Facebook, Revelator io24 is built to 'cast.

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